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 Latest questionnaire from EQA team

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PostSubject: Latest questionnaire from EQA team   Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:53 am

Has anyone else had a questionnaire handed down through the Commissioners to the Screening Programme from the EQA team? It consists of 130 questions and a form requesting information on about 120 policy and procedure documents - all to be handed in by the very unlikely timescale of 1st November.

I am concerned about the cost per patient question as this is commercially sensitive information which we will not disclose.

Also if each Screening Programme is writing its own policy and procedures we are talking about thousands of wasted man hours. I have asked the NSPDR to write generic policy and procedures which we can modify to suit our local conditions, might be a good idea if those that agree also send off an email.
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Latest questionnaire from EQA team
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